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Our company is specialized in Tachograph business from Analog to Digital: spare parts production, design of measuring instruments and control devices. Wide range of products required for the Analog and Digital Tachograph Technical Centers
Download Key for Digital Tachograph, easy to use , suitable for anyone from single driver, to workshop to fleets
MGF TACHO inherit the experience and professionalism for years belonged to LT INSTRUMENTS SRL
as if the trademarks that have distinguished it for years in the field of Tacograph in Italy and beyond. So as to reproduce instruments and accessories approved in accordance with currents regulations.

LT INSTRUMENTS was founded by Mr. Giancarlo Martinelli in 1980, after years of experience in Tachograph business. One of the first companies to specialize in this specific field, so as to become a leader in manufacturing of high precision parts and equipments thanking to its reliability and the use of increasingly sophisticated materials and high-tech.

We provide equipment and follow the bureaucratic process for workshops that intend to start business as a Digital Tachograph technical Centre. Equipment approved in accordance with current Ministerial regulations.

At our company take place COURSES FOR TECHNICAL STAFF that will be assigned to work in the digital workshop technical center, by obtaining the certificate of participation.

We also run training courses.

On site Workshop Center Authorised to operate on Analogue and Digital Tachograph, with high qualified staff.

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